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Judy Perly. Owner of Toronto's Free Times Café, which has been serving authentic Jewish and Middle Eastern food for over 40 years, while also functioning as a hub for folk music in the city, with live shows during the week and a songwriter open stage that's been running for decades.

Judy's playlist

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(* available in the extended version.)

00:00 Intro
00:57 Welcome
03:28 * Food is a soul thing
04:08 Recipes and expertise
06:14 Food as therapy
07:52 * Small acts for the soul
09:29 * Feeling free
13:04 * Food waste
14:45 * Normalizing poor health
17:27 * Free spirits
22:27 * Marriage like mortgage
23:48 Older generations and technology
25:27 Being a Vine star
27:02 * Sitting and thinking
27:45 * What's real?
29:57 Giving people characters
33:17 * On one's own
36:10 Talking to scammers
38:00 * Matriarchy
39:58 Creative funerals
41:40 * The deep man and the deep woman
44:51 Not locking the door
46:57 * Chips in our fingers
49:39 * Three-prong approach to problem solving
50:07 Conclusion

Musical sketches

Also available on Bandcamp.

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