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Vivek. An engineer by profession, who sings South Indian traditional music and also performs live improv comedy.

Vivek's playlist

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Welcome
01:53 * Studying Rumi
04:53 Spiritual people in secular contexts
07:31 * Music and spirituality
09:39 * What does music teach?
12:00 * Ways to deepen music appreciation
13:57 Vivek tells a joke
16:55 * Writing down stories
18:16 * Changing yourself through personal projects
22:12 Improvising for the first time
31:42 Technology as a parent
40:28 * Coming across as introverted and extroverted
41:38 Tuning out Indian people
46:22 * Basic needs and healing
47:58 * Rethinking punishment
50:11 Conclusion

Musical sketches

Also available on Bandcamp.

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