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Elena Stoodley. Singer, writer, and sound designer, also doing theatre, community organizing, and illustration.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Welcome
01:19 * Making music with what you have
04:46 * Wearing many hats
09:25 * Teaching versus sharing
12:13 * Being less reductive
14:02 * Becoming aware of your darker side
16:58 * Having white teeth
18:51 Transcendence of twerking
27:28 * Misunderstanding Haiti
29:49 Giving a speech at eight years old
37:19 * Inheriting traits from parents
43:55 * DNA of a president
50:08 Why languages are important
53:52 * Learning from stereotypes
57:05 Taxi drivers knowing where you're from
60:52 * Preparing for the unprepared
64:13 Small talk as a superpower
68:10 * Inspired by family
70:35 Accepting grief
75:24 Conclusion

Musical sketches

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