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0048: Holger Krekel — busyness and urgency / smaller is more complex / your home as the office


Holger Krekel. Co-founder of Delta Chat, Trillke.


00:00 welcome
04:13 open spaces
09:10 public versus private spaces
12:15 busyness and urgency
19:48 digital world as a massive bureaucracy
22:33 talking about 'the world'
28:01 negotiating with local government
31:10 the power of five people
34:33 daily place to eat and meet
37:16 group meetings as broadcasting
43:38 assemblies and agency
46:45 presence in computing
50:42 not having a cellphone SIM card
53:53 the US politics show
59:17 smaller is more complex
65:44 questioning majorities
68:05 limitations of connecting virtually
70:32 your home as the office
77:24 conclusion

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