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Kaixi Yang. artist of all mediums.

In collaboration with Moos.


00:00 reach
00:59 music for obedience
04:46 coming to jazz
07:47 learning barbershop
11:24 songwriting mode
12:11 music taking you places
19:18 music and movement
23:00 artist of all mediums
29:42 being outlawed
34:55 needing recognition
44:32 preserving endangered languages
47:54 too many ideas to do
51:04 Rosano enriched by Strolling
54:52 letting people be weird
57:57 not liking things about yourself
59:55 coming to Europe for the UN
63:19 making money via art and design
68:13 not being able to love completely
73:02 no time to make money
76:48 rehearsing collab
77:31 Rosano sings Monsieur Binot by Joyce Moreno
80:37 Kaixi sings Rodeo Clown by Dijon

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