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Nibras. writer, internet creative, ux strategist.


00:00 introduction
00:46 secret to a natural high
03:30 start hobbies after fifty years
07:00 Berlin fireworks
09:19 focusing for months
11:06 having too many projects
15:50 when the world tells you to specialize
25:59 journaling for clarity
31:08 activating the serendipity network
35:46 Rosano's documentation beginnings
38:06 when Rosano's life actually started
46:09 using Tumblr for sharing multimedia
50:21 growing up in Ethiopia, Saudi, Scotland, China
54:36 home wherever you choose
58:22 nomad friendship challenges
65:03 work of keeping in touch
67:04 Instagram Stories is the answer
71:47 dropping the guilt
74:23 conclusion

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